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Rajasthan’s Art & Culture- Idiosyncratic and Enticing

The regal state of Rajasthan is known for its engaging and diverse art & culture. Over the centuries, the state has evolved quite drastically; however, it has maintained its conventionality and robust ties with the intrinsic values that apparently adds to the ever-increasing beguile of the land of Maharajas. Tourists across the globe are enamored by the exemplary art & culture of Rajasthan. Whether it is rural or urban Rajasthan, its cuisine, people, music, architectural finesse, heritage places, or handicrafts; you will simply find unparalleled diversity making its presence registered everywhere. The royal state of Rajasthan is undeniably magnanimous in ways more than one and that reflects in the art & culture as well.

Folk music and dance forms

Vibrancy and warmth are inherent to the imperial culture of Rajasthan. Rajasthan was ruled by numerous rulers and hence each region has its own distinctive folk culture. The popularity of Rajasthan’s folk music and dance is no longer confined to the borders of this state of India as it has garnered recognition across the world. Rajasthan’s folk music and dance has vital contributions from various groups and communities such as Manganiyars, Langas, Banjaras, Jogis, & Mirasis to name a few. Speaking of the dance forms of this alluring state Ghoomar, Tejali, Bhopa, Kathipuli, and Chang are some of the most mesmerizing forms you would simply be in awe of. Profuse use of conventional instruments such as Sarangi, Dhols, Shehnai, Been, and Kamayach make Rajasthan’s folk music and dance as engulfing as it is. It is always a good idea to be part of the festivals & fairs of Rajasthan to experience the real Rajasthan in its full swing

Food & cuisine

There is no dearth of food choices and Rajasthan truly is a paradise for the gourmets. From lipsmacking kachoris that are of two types- sweet and spicy to dal bati, you will be spoilt for a choice here. Originating from Mewar, Ghewar and Gheriya are toothsome dishes, you must certainly try while you are here. The majority of Rasjasthani dishes are vegetarian; however, if you are a non-vegetarian, you can still treat your taste-buds with non-vegetarian dishes such as Mohan Maas and Laal Maas.

Architectural beauty

The architectural beauty of Rajasthan is a perfect amalgam of a plethora of cultures. You can observe the influence of Hindu particularly Rajputana, Islamic, colonial and even modernism on the architecture of this state. The place has a lot to offer to those who love to explore intricately designed monuments and heritage sites. No wonder, it has UNESCO recognized and one of the world heritage sites- Jaisalmer Fort. Touted as the Pink City, Jaipur itself was declared a World Heritage Site in 2019 by UNESCO. Next up is- The Jain Temple located in Ranakpur that perfectly depicts M’ru- Gurjara architecture. It is an epitome of Indo-Western architectural finesse as you can find intricate carvings on the ceilings and pillars of the building.