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Treat Your Taste-buds With Rajasthani Food & Cuisine

The royal land of Rajasthan is famous for its splendor, architectural heritage, rich history, and hospitality. But that’s not it! It offers a plethora of delicious foods you’d fall in love with. The land of Rajputs is also a real paradise for gourmets and if you miss out on Rajasthani cuisine while you are here, you’d certainly regret it later. Rajasthani cuisine is as vast and diverse as every other aspect of it. So, let the foodie in you unleash and treat your taste buds with some of the best cuisines you’d find in the world. Firstly, Rajasthani food is influenced by its climatic conditions and rich heritage. You’d find lentils, corn, barley, gram flour, beans, millet, and bajra profusely & commonly used in dishes. Rajasthan is not just known for vegetarian dishes but non-vegetarian dishes as well. Below are listed the top food options you must certainly try during your trip to Rajasthan.

Dal Baati Churma

One of the most famous dishes of Rajasthan, dal baati churma is not known across the world. It is delicious due to its rich ingredients and aroma that would enliven your senses. The aroma of ghee and the medium spicy flavor of dal makes it what it is. You’d end up recommending this cuisine to others as well.

Laal maas

Another delectable dish you must savor here in Rajasthan is laal maas. It is a non-vegetarian dish made of lamb which is cooked with aromatic spices. It is quite spicy and tastes delicious. It can be combined with paratha and pure ghee. Laal maas is a unique mutton curry that’s quite popular amongst tourists.

Gatte ki sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is known for its uniqueness and variants. From shahi gate to masala gate and gatte pulao, gatte ki sabzi comes in a myriad of varieties. This traditional dish is worth trying and you’d find it being cooked in the kitchen of every household and restaurant of every size.


Kadhi is one of the staple cuisines in India; however, Rajasthani kadhi has a flavor and aroma of its own kind. It has a tangy and spicy touch that would be etched in your memories for a long time. Rajasthani kadhi can be tried with rice or Indian bread dripping with ghee.

Kalmi vada

One of the sought-after breakfast items and evening snacks, Kalmi vada is cooked using the batter of split chana dal, chopped onion, fiery green chillies, and spices. This dish is popular even amongst diet-conscious as it is considered healthy even after getting fried. It is served with green chutney.

Mohan thal

This is a traditional sweet dish that’s considered royal for reasons more than one. It is made of gram flour, ghee, milk, dry fruits, and saffron. The festive season in Rajasthan sees a tremendous spike in its popularity and during your trip to Rajasthan, you must allow your taste buds to cherish the lavishness of this phenomenal dessert.


Rajasthani cuisines are incomplete without sweet dishes and like Mohan thal, ghevar is another popular sweet dish in Rajasthan. The best part of trying this dish is that would find several variants of it. Regardless of which version or variant you go for, you are bound to be left mesmerized.

Mirch vada

Mirch vada is a lip-smacking snack that goes very well with tea. Cooked with spices and stuffed potatoes, mirch vada is available at almost every food joint. Savor the aromatic flavors of mirch vada during your trip to Rajasthan. This wonderful snack is a must-try in the morning or evening.