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Car Rental Services in Pushkar

Customer-Centric Car Rental Service in Pushkar

Aroma of Rajasthan is a top-grade car rental company in Pushkar rendering customer-centric car rental packages in the area. Being a sought-after car hire service provider, we have a  vast fleet of luxurious and affordable cars to cater to the needs of tourists visiting India. 
If you want to plan a perfectly planned trip in Pushkar, you can count on us for an unprecedented touring experience. If you are wondering which places to visit in Pushkar, here’s a quick overview to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Brahma’s Temple

Pushkar’s Brahma Temple is also referred to as ‘Jagatpita Brahma Temple’ which means Father or Creator of the Universe. It is located near Pushkar Lake which is considered holy and it was constructed around the 14th century. Made of marble and stone, the temple showcases ultimate architectural acumen. You’d find the interior built with stone slabs and molted lead for additional strength. Countless devotees visit the Brahma Temple around the year

2. Varaha Temple

Dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu named Varaha, Varaha temple consists of plenty of architectural aspects you’d love to explore. From the dome to white walls, and precisely constructed beautiful pillars, there is a myriad of architectural facets that make this temple as beautiful as it is. One of the most visited places in Pushkar, your Pushkar trip is incomplete without the Varaha temple.

3. Rangji Temple

An epitome of South Indian architectural excellence, Rangji temple draws a vast number of tourists and devotees throughout the year. Constructed during the reign of Seth Puran Mai, the structure showcases a perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal culture. Even the surroundings of the temple have no dearth of sightseeing options. By visiting the place, you’d get a glimpse of the piousness that engulfs routine life in and around the place.

4. Gayatri Mata Temple

Another one on our list is- Gayatri Mata Temple. This temple also attracts a continuous influx of tourists. The story goes that Lord Brahma was cursed by Goddess Gayatri that he will not be worshipped anywhere in the world except Pushkar when he married an untouchable girl named Savitri to execute a yagna ceremony in the absence of Goddess Gayatri.

5. Man Mahal

Built by Raja Man Singh, Man Mahal, this erstwhile royal guest house was transformed into a luxurious public guest house. Man Mahal is on the wish list of tourists visiting Pushkar as the interiors are a perfect treat to watch and experience. Man Mahal is equipped with all modern amenities and provides an unprecedented living experience to those who always dreamed of living in a palace.

Plan your Pushkar trip with AOR

So, all said and done, it is time to help you plan a perfect Pushkar trip. Pick from our list of packages and get started right away. For more information, feel free to touch base with one of the executives at AOR.