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Mandawa is one of the most visited places in the Shekhawati region. This small town has plenty to offer and you will find several havelis here. No wonder, the place is popular amongst filmmakers. You will often see films getting shot here, so if you get a chance to meet a popular actor or actress during your visit to the town, you shouldn’t be surprised. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular places you should explore in Mandawa.

Places to visit in Mandawa

The Harlalka Well

If you are up for a place that’s a rustic appeal, this is the place to be. This historical well is still filled with enough water. You will find experience peace and tranquility at this wonderful place that’s beautifully constructed and designed.

Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli

This vintage haveli is simply indescribable in terms of charm and beauty. It is indeed quite vast and the best part of the haveli is its architectural appeal. If you are a shutterbug, this place will turn out to be a real treat for you.

Castle Mandawa

Originally a palace at one point in time, Castle Mandawa, the place was converted into a luxurious heritage hotel. This castle is situated in the middle of the state of Rajasthan and blooms with all its elegance. The lavishness of this 5-star hotel reflects state-of-the-art amenities and glorious architecture. Being a reputed car rental company in Mandawa, we recommend tourists to visit this phenomenal place.

Open Air Art Gallery

The whole city of Mandawa is referred to as an open-air art gallery. In the olden days, Mandawa became a popular stoppage for merchants that would pass through the silk route for business purposes. The region is home to aesthetically designed Havelis that would display Indian art forms. You’d find mesmerizing frescos and mindblowing paintings telling you the story of its artistic past. After the advent of Britishers, owing to its palaces, frescos, and architecture Mandawa started gaining popularity as Open Air Art Gallery.

Mandawa Fort

Another notable tourist spot in the Shekhawati region, Mandawa Fort is located in the Jhunjhnu district of Rajasthan. The fort dates back to 1755 and leaves a lot to explore as the interiors of this fort demonstrate influences from the iconic Sheesh Mahal of Amber Fort. You’d find impeccable mirror inscriptions on the walls and the ceilings of the fort. The Darbar Hall of the fort is certainly one of the attractions as it is replete with a myriad of Rajputana paintings and artifacts. If you wish to experience living grand royal living, this heritage hotel offers you that golden opportunity. Stay at this beautiful fort and leave with tons of unimaginably joyous memories.

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